The Final

Titles to be won

Miss Continental UK 2018- The contestant in this category with the highest points

Miss Teen Continental UK 2018-  The contestant in this category with the highest points

Supreme Winner - The contestant the judges believe is the most inspirational or most deserving of the award.


Miss Congeniality

Miss Charity Kindness

Miss Talent

Miss Inspiration

Miss Popularity

Best Smile

Please note there will also we sponsor titles. 

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The Final of Miss Continental UK 2018 will be held in the Clayton Crown Hotel on Cricklewood Broadway on  the 11th of May 2018. We have no height, size, age or background restrictions and are searching for females of all ethnicities to celebrate and represent female empowerment.

What To Expect?

We know that many of our contestants will have never participated in a pageant before, so we have created this system to introduce new comers into the pageant industry. You do not need any experience and there will be lots of other girls in the same position, so do not panic. We have a friendly team of experienced professionals to guide you from the start and throughout to ensure you know exactly what you are doing at all times. 

Miss Continental UK will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to make friends with likeminded individuals from all over the United Kingdom. Our system will teach you important life skills such as; confidence, people/communication skills, interview technique, team work, perseverance and more. 

The final of Miss Continental UK is a GRAND one, being an unique show which combines beauty with brains. The finalists will be presenting a variety of outfits provided by a range of designers with totally different styles. The ambiance of beauty and style will make the grand final one to watch out for. Starting from the Black Dress Round and ending with the Elegant Gown Round, it will keep the essence of beauty pageants while combining it with modernised aspects of life and for women. 

The pageant consists of two round one being for Teen's from 12 to 18 years old. This round is helping young teenagers gain confidence and feel like queens on stage. The Miss section is for women of all ages starting from 18 helping them develop new communication and presentation skills. 


The show includes lots of dance performances, magic tricks as well as singing performances those making the show more complete in addition to the runways done by the finalists. 


In addition to watching a show which is one of it's kind by attending it you get the chance to meet former stars from Ex on the Beach and Love Island as well as the former Miss Continental UK and Miss Teen Continental UK.