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Miss Continental UK Grand Final

Grand Final of 2017 was a massive success, with many companies involved on national and international level. Our designers: Cheena Chhapra , Elsa Boutique, SigRun and Karolina Lankoz, having a great variety of dresses on the stage. The show was hosted by Deborah Jay Kelly who was wearing a dress from L.Catherine's collection as well as one of the judges Alesya Polekova. 

Miss Continental UK was organised by Daniela Costin and judges by : Danny Lamboo, Rity Sharma, Shannen Eghbali, Ayrin Kamoshi, Sangwani Harawa, Guerrero and Paul Nicholls. 

Title Miss Continental UK 2017 is Carmen Sochirca and Miss Teen Continental UK 2017 being Anna Utalishvili. 

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