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Why are there sponsorship fees?

How to find  a sponsor? (From our Frequently asked questions )

Most beauty pageants require an entry fee (Sponsorship)  to be a part of it, so does ours. If a company becomes your sponsor usually what happens is their company logo appears on the pageant's website alongside your picture. . Your sponsors will have the opportunity to have their marketing material eg., flyers, leaflets, distributed to all finalists and guests of the pre-final. Your sponsor for the grand final can be your friends/family or a company – you could even have a couple of businesses share the cost. The best companies to start with tend to be gyms, beauty salons, hairdressers, jewellers, clothes shops, local boutiques – even where you or your family work! Sponsors may be a local or national business. However, local companies tend to be better to contact that large, national ones. You can explain that you will contact the local press to say that they are sponsoring you, who may then run an article about you being supported by the local company! They may even have a photograph of you at your sponsor’s workplace – and so it would give them great publicity!


 Always be sure to phone the company. If phoning, offer to follow up with an email and enclose pictures of yourself. If emailing, be sure to follow up with a phone call.


 Remember to direct people to the  website where they can find out more about the contest, and explain that you will have your own profile page.


 Ideal businesses to try include; hairdressers, nail bars, nightclubs, clothes shops, dress shops, photographers, gyms, health spas, lingerie shops, shoe shops, or try your own employer.


 Asking friends and family can also be a good way of gaining sponsorship. You could create a sponsor form to help you get started! Start with a sponsor of say £5/£10/£20 and the rest are likely to follow suit and you’ll soon be on your way! Even if you don’t reach the full amount this way, it will reduce the cost to any companies you approach.


 When telling companies about sponsorships, you may want to offer to appear at an event they may have, eg; an open day or launch, or help out with an advertising campaign or for example with hairdressers model a style on your hair.

Why contests are required to pay ? 

Most of the time beauty contests fundraise for charities and it also helps towards the expenses . Although most beauty pageants require you buying your own outfits Miss Continental UK is providing you with most of the outfits and this cost is also included in the sponsorship as well as venue hire, drinks and snacks provided during the day. Please note that usually beauty pageants require you to pay for pageant coaching which ours will provide you with it for free as a part of the Sponsorship you paid. 

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